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Creating Fulfilled Destinies!

Small Group Life


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Joining a group

    • How do I get into a group?
      • We have many ways for you to find and get into a great small group:
        1. Find and join a group with our group finder on the Internet.
          1. For a group that meets in a home, click on home group.
          2. For a group that meets in the workplace, click on workplace group.
          3. For a group that meets online, click on online group.
        2. If you live in the Southern California area you can contact us by phone at 949.609.8701 or by email at [email protected]. We’ll help you.
        3. If you attend any of our campuses, look for the Small Group Life table between services or simply ask the campus pastor. Either way, you’ll be directed to someone who can personally help you find a great small group.
        4. If you’ve been trying to get in a group and it’s just not working out, don’t give up. Email Pastor Steve Gladen at [email protected]. We will help you get into a great group.
Hosting a group
Small groups in general The actual meeting Inviting people/growing your group How do I? What do we study? Training Do you have a Small Group Question not answered here?